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There are hundreds of pictures, if not thousands that I have captured of our life and details of the every day with my phone each year. I am sure that I am not alone. I have attempted to create photo books through other companies in the past, print pictures and stick them in an album, and attempt organize them on my computer. Though I have not been successful with any of these methods consistently. I believe each image has a purpose, a story to tell, something that I want to remember…despite these desire for purpose most of my images are stored on my computer sit only to be viewed when in the office. The story and memories are being held captive. I love holding a print and seeing its color in person or flipping pages of a book and looking back at the memories created together. I am a believer in reminiscing.

This summer a friend share with me Artifact Uprising and in doing so has solved a problem for me: What to do with all my iphone pictures? Artifact Uprising made it easy to take my pictures off my phone and put them into my hands through a beautiful %100 recycled book. They even created a book designed for Instagrams. I made one book this summer of last year’s Instagrams. This past weekend, part of my nesting was to collect my favorites and organize them from this year so that I can make a book come the new year. It given me purpose to keep capturing the everyday moments with my iphone and for that I am grateful. Make sure you check them out. All their products are beautiful and created with purpose.

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Glad to hear good things about this company! As you know I do an annual photo book using Blurb and I love that. I think this will be my 5th year! I use my camera photos as well as my iphone images to do my annual book and have been happy with it. However, I really want to make the photo calendar clipboard that Artifact offers this year for all of our parents! I think that will be a nice thing to give grandparents to enjoy all year!! Can’t wait to try it!

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