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AAI: Jackie Bayer Harbor View (part two)

If you enjoyed part one you will love part two of this Harbor View Residence designed by Jackie Bayer of Amanda Austin Interiors. The warm neutral color palette greets you as your enter the front door of this home and continues to flow from one room to the next. The layers, textures, and selected custom pieces of furniture fill each room creating style that is inviting, beautiful, and full of light. Characteristics that you would want in your own home. Again, many thanks to Jackie for working along side of me as I photographed her inspiring design in this home. ENJOY!!!

AAI-Jackie Bayer_841The Foyer:

This space is small yet dressy for the formal entrance to the home.

It is a little jewel box that is visible while you are entertaining in the Living Room.

AAI-Jackie Bayer_842AAI-Jackie Bayer_843

AAI-Jackie Bayer_822The Living Room:

This is more of an elegant Family Room for this client.

Jackie describes her client’s lifestyle is without a doubt casual and yet the love to entertain and enjoy nice spaces.

The colors in this room are soft and neutral with hints of tangerine.

AAI-Jackie Bayer_823AAI-Jackie Bayer_824AAI-Jackie Bayer_826AAI-Jackie Bayer_825AAI-Jackie Bayer_827AAI-Jackie Bayer_828AAI-Jackie Bayer_829

The Dining Room:

This is also a casual version of a formal dining room.

This space hosts dinner regularly where they sit and eat together as a family.

Look at the nail head details both on the chairs and the banquette. It’s the small details that add character to each piece.

AAI-Jackie Bayer_830AAI-Jackie Bayer_831AAI-Jackie Bayer_832

AAI-Jackie Bayer_838

The Kitchen:

It is the heart of this home!

In one cozy space, a gourmet cooking area, breakfast bar, and warm TV space for their young daughter.

AAI-Jackie Bayer_839

AAI-Jackie Bayer_840

AAI-Jackie Bayer_837

AAI-Jackie Bayer_834

AAI-Jackie Bayer_836AAI-Jackie Bayer_835


Amanda Austin Interiors
1020 S. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
p. 443.759.6177
f. 443.627.8361

Senior Designer: Jackie Bayer

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