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In the world of photography there are four letters that have been tugging on my heart for several years. It’s FILM. Yes, as you have read my journey as it started in 2009 I entered the digital world of photography. I was learning how to shoot in manual and what aperture and shutter speed meant. I was searching other photographer’s blogs and leaning anything I could. A year later I began to find myself attracted to certain images, only to discover that the photographer was shooting film. The soft pastel colors and the warm light of each image was beautiful.  August of 2010 (remember I like dates and numbers) I read Jill Thomas blog post. It was her blog post about her experience at the Film Is Not Dead workshop by Jonathan Canlas. Jill Thomas wrote, “I’m not saying shoot film (well I am but you don’t have to), but I am saying try it out.”

This is when the desire to learn film was planted.  I bookmarked the page for a later date and shared this new desire with Lyndon. In August of 2010, my business had only been offical for a month and there was a lot of work to do. Learning film was not on the list. Now almost two more years later this desire to learn is still here. It can be overwhelming where to start so I went back to my bookmark and purchase Jonathan Canlas book early this month. He goes through the basics, and shares openly what film and camera equipment he uses. I’m about half way through this book. I am also in the middle of reading several film photographer’s books: Jose Villa, and Elizabeth Messina. And this month my mom gave me her AE-1 canon 35mm film camera!!! I am so excited to test it out with the film recommendations by Jonathan Canlas and try it out!

and a picture of me first shooting with the Canon AE-1 while at my parents home several weekends ago!

(thanks Mary to taking this picture!)

While we were at my parents house several weekends ago we went through bins of old family photos! I loved it!!

Here are two favorite that my mom took of me when I was little.

[…] months ago, I shared about receiving with my mother’s AE-1 film camera. I was so excited to get film in it and start shooting. I first had to discover how to open the […]


Awesome post Jamie! Love that last photo. Is that Grady?

Jamie that is awesome! Have fun learning film! I must say there is something special about film photography – yet I don’t miss it. I personally love all that digital has brought to photography.

I look forward to watching you create, grow, and learn the art of film photography!

Blessings – Jill
PS You were absolutely adorable as a little girl!!! Your mom took wonderful photos of you!

Aw, an Irish Setter! I grew up with an Irish Setter named “Shamrock.” Turning back towards film seems to be the trend right now. Marta Locklear is doing that (her latest images are gorgeous). I started with film and only came to digital after having my kids. My film camera sadly broke due to a splash of water when on a trip to Maine. :( I loved film when I took a B&W class in college. My favorite part, actually, was the dark room. Could get lost in there for ours developing my own prints. Loved that! Have fun and now cool you got your Mom’s camera! Extra special!

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