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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Halloween

This Saturday we got at least six inches of SNOW and snow still covers most of our yard today! I want to share this easy and yummy FROSTED PUMPKIN SQUARES  recipe that we love. I started to take pictures of the process and I totally forgot to take pictures of the best part- the cream […]

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Misty and Cw (engagement session)

Misty entered Cw’s tattoo shop a little over two years ago to get some touch up work done. Another artist helped her, so no words were exchanged between them.  However, when she left his shop, to say that he did not notice her and her beautiful smile would be a huge understatement. She left a […]

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Baby Kaleb

I first met Kaleb when he was only twenty-four hours old in the hospital. It wasn’t until I saw him and immediately wanted to take some photos of him with his mama that I realized I had forgotten my camera. What was I thinking?!  Kaleb’s mama, Mirjam is a good friend of mine from long […]

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CA Holga pictures

Below are some of the Holga pictures that I took on our California vacation this past September. I cannot believe this trip was almost a month ago.  Two things about my holga: One- I LOVE the look and feel of these images. To me they remind me of the pictures my parents took on their trips […]

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Costly Click

We were on day four of our vacation in CA and I was sitting on the bed downloading the previous day’s pictures. I had hoped (okay planned) to download my pictures each night on vacation and then also find time to edit the pictures along the way. A girl can dream-right?!  Turns out, most nights […]

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