Published: Baltimore Style

Jackie Bayer and Sadie Sanchez of Amanda Austin Interiors guest bedroom was published in Baltimore Style in their section called Spaces. This photo encapsulates the elegance, warmth, and layers of beauty created in the colors, patterns, and textures of the silk and linen. Any guest would love to call home while visiting. Thank you Baltimore Style for publishing this guest room designed by Jackie and Sadie.


Amanda Austin Interiors
1020 S. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
p. 443.759.6177
f. 443.627.8361

Jackie Bayer

Senior Designer

Sadie Sanchez

Senior Designer Director

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Lyndon Heath Cabinetry | Ruxton II

Most dreaming begins when an idea or picture enters your mind. You envision a space to reflect your style and design concepts. Whether it is a bedroom, entry way, kitchen, or bathroom, this process takes time. It evolves. Beginning with gathering inspiration, pulling together a team of professionals, developing precise details and measurements, the construction of the concepts, and finishing the process with the installation. In each step of the process there are countless dialogues until the concepts and measurements match the vision. Lyndon Sentz and his team at Lyndon Heath Cabinetry have the honor of partnering with other professionals to bring projects to completion.  What space have you been dreaming of designing, remodeling, or building? Whatever it might be, enjoy the process. May the photos of the custom cabinetry and millwork by Lyndon Heath Cabinetry of a mantel for the master bedroom, master bathroom, and the master closet inspire you.


Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_486


Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_487Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_488Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_489Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_490Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_491Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_492Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_499Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_493Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_494Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_496Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_501Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_497Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_498Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_500Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_502Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_503Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_504

Lyndon Sentz

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry


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Lyndon Heath Cabinetry|Ruxton Residence

When you decide to remodel your home you are making a statement of loving the place you live and seeing beyond what exists to create beauty. Creating beauty for each person’s lifestyle looks differently. Yet with the same goal of loving your home. The existing is replaced with a new and fresh vision of design and inspirations. These inspirations are then turned into realities by craftsmen like Lyndon Sentz and his team at Lyndon Heath Cabinetry. This home was completed with a new custom kitchen, built-ins, and a wet bar unit. It is an honor for me to photograph Lyndon’s work and see homes be transformed into spaces the client loves. ENJOY!

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_463Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_464Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_465Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_466Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_467Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_468Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_469Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_471Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_470Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_472Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_473Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_474Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_475Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_476Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_477Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_478Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_479Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_480Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_481Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_482Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_483Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_484Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_485

Lyndon Sentz

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry


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Published: HOME&DESIGN

This fall HOME&DESIGN published this Annapolis outdoor living space designed by Michelle Miller of Michelle Miller Interiors. One of Michelle’s talent in designing is the beauty created in simplicity. Michelle designed the outdoor living space for the Annapolis client to allow places for sitting and conversations, enjoying views of the bay, and also a place for gathering and dining together. Thank you HOME&DESIGN for publishing this outdoor living space for others to be inspired.


Michelle Miller Interiors

2654 Maryland Ave | Studio B

Baltimore, MD 21218

P: 410.702.4993 | F: 410.235.2368

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Featured: Design Aglow

As a photographer you can be looking for quality resources for your clients. DESIGN AGLOW is your online resource for helpful information, time saving tips and beautiful products for both portrait and wedding photographers. In their newest Baby Week 2014 you can find Kylan as an example subject in both Baby Announcements: Flora Collection and The Complete Baby Plan For Your Photography Studio. At the end of this week are will be celebrating his ONE year birthday! Please check out Design Aglow and their blog for more inspiration.



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